August 18, 2008


Posted in Uncategorized at 10:40 pm by Ian

I just bought myself a new TV. It’s a 46″ plasma, and it’s got lots of pixels. Also: contrast. And, if I read the specs correctly, it takes about 20% of a power plant to run. But none of that is important now. What’s important is that, although I have already paid for this television, I have not yet received it. This fact is weighing on me more than I had expected. Until I clicked to buy it, I was perfectly happy with my old set, but, now, every second that I’m viewing standard definition video is a grain of sand falling from the hourglass of my life clock—when you upgrade you get to switch hourglasses and the HD one has way finer sand—and I can do nothing but beat against the glass.

So I keep checking to see when it will arrive. It’ll be a while, since it hasn’t actually left wherever it is, yet. Amazon is, nevertheless, still predicting that it will ship today, which, at 10:30pm PST, is starting to strike me as just the slightest bit optimistic.


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