November 9, 2008

I Make No Promises/Accidents Happen

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:19 pm by Ian

On Saturday, Gina got her windshield replaced. This is a process that involves getting up early in the morning, which was the easy part, and not washing your car for a few days, which was the other easy part, or so I thought.

When we went to pick it up, we were warned by the Service Administrator not to wash the car for two days. Actually, not warned. We were gently exhorted to make a genuine effort not to do so. “Try not to wash your car for two days”, he pleaded.

As though it were a real challenge.

“Oh, yeah,” I said, “We’ll play it safe and wait a few months.”

“No.” He was suddenly serious. “No, you definitely should wash your car before a few months.”

We lied, and said that we would.

Then we went to pay, and we were cajoled again by the cashier. Twice.

“Try,” he said, emphasizing the word to show us how important this was. “to not wash your car for a few days.” And then he rephrased it: “You know, just for two days—if you can—try not to wash it.”

It was too much for me. As soon as we left the building I asked Gina if we could go to a car wash. She smiled.

We went to fill up the car, and I got out and started the gas pump. I walked over to the squeegee/dirty water station and picked up the squeegee. “Wash your windows, ma’am?”

She frowned.


That night, we went to Kevin and Linda’s for his birthday. She had made all his favorite foods, including carrot cake. There were two cakes out on the table, but Linda mentioned that she had made a third cake “accidentally”.

I wondered how that might happen, that someone would accidentally bake a cake. Perhaps, a series of trips, each less likely than the last. Or: “Oh, crap, I accidentally folded an egg into this batter.”

And then I thought: This is why they’re so cautious at the car dealership. People who can accidentally make cakes probably really struggle to not wash their cars.



  1. Liza said,

    I really love this post.

  2. Linda said,

    Late, but better than never. You accidentally make a 3rd cake by accidentally making too much batter! What was I supposed to do, dump that carrot-ey goodness? I think not. :-p

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