September 9, 2009

To My Great Credit…

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:54 am by Ian

This morning, I was sitting in the lobby doing computery things, and I struck up a conversation with Veronique, a Quebecoise who had just arrived at the hostel and was planning her day out on a big map of Madrid while waiting for check-in time. It turned out that we were both planning to go see the Museo de Arte Reina Sofia, a Spanish modern art museum, so we went together. It was a great museum, with lots of Picasso, including Guernica, which is so impressive that I took a picture of it, even though I think taking pictures of art in museums is silly. But before that (for this is not really a post about high culture), as we were about to leave the hostel for the museum, I put on some sunscreen and offered it to her. She declined, saying that we would be inside, and

“…besides, I don’t like the cream, on my skin.”

She continued.

“I’m not sure how I manage to not burn yesterday with all the outside, but I only creamed myself once.”

…I did not laugh.



  1. blaez said,

    i’m laughing

  2. mama said,

    Ah yes..the silliest things happen when we exchange phraseology with even those directly across the border who supposedly speak our language. I’m not sure i could have stifled.

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