July 26, 2006

He Knows Not What He Posts

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It’s possible that there’s a geekier video on the web than this, but I don’t know what it could be.



July 25, 2006

Please Review the Late Policy

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I received an email this afternoon titled “Solution to Homework 9”, with a pdf attached. The pdf was a copy of an assignment for CS 70, the class I tutored for three semesters in Sophomore and Junior year. Also addressed was another tutor at the time. There was no text in the message.

My response

Late assignments are not accepted for CS70 and, unfortunately, you’ve just slipped over the deadline. Please review the syllabus, which can be found here:


July 23, 2006

A Clear Case of Hyperbole

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I went down to LA this weekend to hang out with Kevin, AB, and Nikhil. A sort of mini-reuinion, if you will.

We met at Kevin’s in Anaheim. He’s living with his fiancee Linda and her parents, who are Vietnamese. We were standing around the kitchen, talking about interesting cultural experiences, and I casually mentioned that I would like to try eating a thousand-year-old egg. Linda immediately says “We’ve got some, do you want one?”


Her dad came in and pulled a small bag out from under the counter. It contained three or four eggs, individually wrapped in either a thin cloth or a soft paper. Nikhil said he would try it too, and we decided to split one so we wouldn’t ruin two if we didn’t like it. Linda’s dad peeled and sliced the egg, and we each took a piece.

The white of the egg was totally black (slightly translucent) and the yolk was a dark greenish brown. The consistency of the white was like jello made with about 1/4 the water you normally need. The consistency of the yolk was about that of a hard-boiled egg.

The taste is kind of like a smoked egg. It’s odd, but good.

July 21, 2006

A Moment of Brilliance

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The next time I go in to get my picture taken for my driver’s license, I’m going to wear a clerical collar.

Think about it.

July 20, 2006

A Simple Solution

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I’m selling my mountain bike. You may have noticed that its picture shows up in the Flickr widget. It was originally about $300, but I’ve gotten 4 good years out of it, and it’s lived outside most of that time, so I figured I’d ask $100 and take less.

Jess’s friend apparently is willing to pay me $75 for it, unseen, which sounds fine to me. We had the following conversation:

Jess: He says he’ll take it for $75.
Me: Sight unseen?
Jess: Yep. There’s only one problem. He can’t pay you for two weeks.
Me: That’s no problem. Tell him he can come pick it up in two weeks.

July 18, 2006

Crush Your Enemies; See Them Driven Before You.

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Begin scene. The Mother is waiting in line with her Son for a slide on the playground. Enter the Evil Mother, who sneaks the Spawn of Evil in front of the Son. The Mother is shocked.

“Excuse me, but Son was next.”

“Well, now we’re next.”

The Evil Mother smirks, and the Mother steams. Then, whiz bang, a montage scene of purchasing a car. The keys are turned in, the dotted line is signed, the door slams and the engine revs. It is a big engine, for it is a big SUV. The Son does not appear in this scene. It is possible that he was left at the playground. We then see the Mother driving, a look of determination on her face. Inspirational music plays.

The message: Feeling pushed around? It’s time you had the power to push back (on the road).

What a fantastic satire of the social negligence and entitlement that people claim are the hallmarks of SUV drivers, right? Someone should really tell Hummer, as they’re running this ad right now.