May 8, 2007

Iron Chef: Butter!

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Now I know why your mashed potatoes are so much better than mine, Jess. Look at all the butter you put in.”

“Have you even tasted them?”

“No, but. Look: butter!
“The amount of good something tastes is directly proportional to how much butter is used in cooking it.”

“I have this image of a TV cooking show competition, where the cameras are following the chefs closely the whole time as they carefully measure and chop. And then, in the last few seconds, one of them just throws a whole stick of butter into it, and the judges glance down to their clipboards and make a quick decision.”


“You know, the funniest part of this is that you guys think this is funny.”


May 3, 2007

Wanted: Plains Native with Cooking Skills

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Credit to Jess for this one.

For the last several days, a local paper has been running a classified ad for a local restaurant reading

Last night, Jess showed us the clipping and we all had a good laugh over it. She said that she’d called the newspaper to point out the mistake, and the editor had acknowledged it, and joked that he hoped the ACLU didn’t sue.

Today, Jess has informed me that the now revised ad reads