February 29, 2004

Just a Taste

Posted in General at 11:08 pm by Ian

I have renewed my efforts to finish the team’s Ohio trip DVD, going so far as to take the step of starting the team’s Ohio trip DVD.

Thus, I figured out how to make Premiere do what I wanted it to do, and will soon have a downloadable (and reasonably sized!) copy of our formation performance available. But this is not that. This is just to whet your appetites.

El Tango de los anillos de cebolla [5 MB].


I Regret To Inform You…

Posted in General at 1:27 pm by Ian

That I won’t be going to Carnegie Mellon.

February 28, 2004

iNot Again

Posted in General at 6:43 pm by Ian

And the laptop goes back again. The only good news is that if I manage to break it again, they’ll give me a new one.

February 27, 2004

We Left At Five

Posted in General at 8:03 pm by Ian

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever try to drive back from San Juan Capistrano during rush hour.

February 26, 2004

“Music” Update

Posted in General at 11:27 pm by Ian

Ok, so my piece was by far the worst of the three in my group. The chaos composition was the best of the three. Partly because she managed to somehow make square waves sound melodic, and partly because fractals (objectively) suck. But Julie is so modest.

–And, here, the movie asked “How much have you had to drink?” prompting me to revise my above words.

But I did get a compliment from one guy, who told me he really enjoyed the raindrops.


Music Schmusic

Posted in General at 12:26 pm by Ian

For my Math, Music, and Whatever class, we had to compose a piece of algorithmically inspired music recently, after reading a very dense article on why Computer Music was (or wasn’t) the culmination of art and (or?) math, but (or and) the musical world had to address (or ignore) the many (or few) issues that such music raises. It was basically Greek to me.

But no matter. Armed with nearly three pages from a Computer Music book about fractal music generation (which is called, in what I determined was not at all an ironic fashion, 1/f noise), I set out to compose my oeuvre. And by “compose,” I mean “change a few random constants in my code, and then recompile,” which I believe is how Beethoven worked as well, except of course that he couldn’t hear his computer beep when he got a compile error. But eventually, all my random work resulted in something I could be proud of turn in.

I have titled my creation: Revenge of the Itsy-Bitsy Spider.

February 25, 2004

“…Then We Can Make All Kinds of Crazy Laws…”

Posted in General at 11:52 am by Ian

It seems that President Bush is now posturing for his religious right supporters. I’m pretty sure that this proposed Amendment is dead in the water because, while there may be a majority of people who are uncomfortable with gay marriage, most don’t want to go fucking with the Constitution. After all, it took over 200 years to ratify the last Amendment, and that was just to keep politicians from getting more money!

February 24, 2004

Chipotle’s Mistake

Posted in General at 10:14 pm by Ian

Went to Chipotle (Warning: flash site) tonight for the free burrito and drink due to me as advertised at this site. (Warning: Ugly, annoying, and loud flash site)

They decided to give a free burrito and drink to anyone with a 5C student id between 2 and 10 pm today. Bad Idea™

Atwood proctors were organizing whole carloads of people to go down there. Friends told friends, neighbors likewise. It brought the community together in a way that only free food can for college students. I heard from several people that around dinnertime, the line was so long it stretched out the door, around the building, and across the parking lot. By the time we got there at 8, the line was down to about 15 people, with another 25 or so in the dining area.

Number of paying customers: 0

They were really moving along, though, because they had lots of extra people working there. When we left, sitting in the car waiting to turn out of the parking lot and back onto the street, we watched a veritable flood of cars turning off of Foothill and onto Mountain, and then into the parking lot. Probably about 12 in the one left turn cycle. As every car went by, I looked in to see four or five smiling collegiate faces.

University of Washington Says…

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Out Of Beer

Posted in General at 12:45 am by Ian

Will this accursed torment never end!

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