April 26, 2003

My Feet!

Posted in Dance at 12:49 pm by Ian

Danced my ass off at the dance party last night. I don’t think I sat out a single song for several hours. As a result (and I don’t want to alarm anyone, but) I think I’ve depleted all of my body’s natural sweat reserves. It’s ok, I mean, I’m sure they have some kind of surgery to replace that kind of thing. So far, though, my google searches have been less than helpful. This is probably one of those things they hide under its Latin name.
He he. Nailed Jonah with that javelin, too.
Pictures of costume will be forthcoming.



  1. mama said,

    An extra T-shirt (or two) in your dance bag along with some baby powder and a hand towel are good for restroom fresh-ups. Heloise.

  2. Tania said,

    well, it takes about 18 hours for u to deplete all the glucose in your body…and after that u can run some more with just ketone bodies produced in your brain…yes, i did learn something from that biochem class this year…

  3. Lisa said,

    YOUR feet?!?

  4. Ian said,

    Quiet, you, or I’ll sic my blisters on you!

  5. Anonymous said,

    Hey, until you have to dance in 2 1/2″, 5 mm wide heels, we don’t want to hear about it.
    PS You need to start coming to Argentine Tango more often. Like, perhaps, at all.

  6. Sarra said,

    PPS That last comment was mine.

  7. Sarra said,

    PPPS Listen to your mother.

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